Picking the Right Stand for a Big Screen TV

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Unless you’re mounting your new Cinema TELEVISION on the wall or on the ceiling, you’ll require a solid and trustworthy stand to support it. Many Televisions come furnished with a proper stand, however some need that the stand be acquired separately. If the manufacturer provides your Cinema TV stand, and it meets your requirements in regards to styling, you remain in fantastic shape. Since your Big Screen TELEVISION might end up being an integral part of the room’s embellishing scheme, though, you may decide to acquire a stand that matches the needs of your viewing habits, your house, and your sense of style.

Due to the fact that a Cinema TV is fairly heavy, the most crucial requirement is that any stand should deal with the weight of your specific Cinema TV and should offer a steady base in case it’s bumped or rattled. Because of that, ensure the stand you buy satisfies the special weight and strength requirements of the Cinema TV you purchased. The last thing you wish to have occur is for your brand-new TELEVISION to become broken merely because your stand wasn’t up to the job. The owner’s handbook for your Big Screen TELEVISION will specify all the requirements of an ideal and effective TV stand for that design.

There are a few other factors to consider besides strength, though. Let’s look at a few other choices you’ll wish to make to guarantee you get the maximum pleasure from your Big Screen TV.

1. Figure out if the stand needs to hold other audio-visual equipment? If you own a DVD player, utilize a cable converter, have video game systems like an Xbox or a PS2, and/or have a house theater system, you may desire your stand to house that equipment as well as support the Cinema TELEVISION itself. Make sure you select a stand that has racks or compartments for the devices you own, or even may sooner or later own.

2. Determine if the stand will place your TV at an optimum viewing height. The height of the TELEVISION is a private option– make sure the stand you select will position your Big Screen TV at the height you want. If you can, find an adjustable stand that gives you some flexibility. If not, figure out the right height for you and select a proper height stand. An easy way to determine your ideal height is to being in your favorite chair or couch and determine how high your eye level is. When you’ve identified eye level, make certain your Big Screen TV will be centered at that point. Lots of stands are pre-engineered to approximate a proper seeing level for the average individual, however make sure you’re comfortable with that height before you purchase. Some pedestal stands are adjustable; if you do not need storage space, take a look at a pedestal stand.

3. Inspect to see if the stand has integrated cable television management. If you’re buying a cabinet with a closed back, cable television management probably isn’t really an issue, because you’ll have a lot of space to conceal cable televisions. If you have an interest in a pedestal stand or a stand with an open back, make sure there are provisions integrated in to conceal all the cables you might have. If you have a house theater, video gaming system, DVD gamer, and other parts, you’ll have a large number of cables running from part to element– ensure the stand provides you a lot of space to save those cable televisions out of sight. The stand shouldn’t simply house your Cinema TELEVISION– it must deal with all the cable televisions and parts, too.

Once you’ve found the right Cinema TELEVISION, finding a stand matches your needs and fits you’re your room’s decoration and design is very important, too. Make certain you can enjoy your TELEVISION while it’s turned on, and how it looks when it’s not turned on.

4 Kinds of TV Furniture

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Plasma televisions are a pricey purchase, requiring a percentage of budgeting prior to the actual purchase occurs. One of the important things that you ought to be considering while considering your television purchase is your option of TV furniture. You need to ensure that you have the right furniture for your space and for your tv. You want the furnishings to fit in with the design of your room, but likewise wish to ensure that it can hold your tv.

There are plenty of options for those who are trying to find plasma TV furniture. These are the four main types of furnishings, offering you a lot of choices and alternatives for your decision.


Stands are some of the most basic furnishings pieces offered for your tv. They are also the cheapest, making them the perfect choice for those who are aiming to spend the smallest quantity of loan possible on their TV furniture. Sadly, stands can also produce a cheap seek to a space. The stands also have no backs and no sides. Increasing the possibility of a tip-over if somebody were to run into the flat screen television.


The armoire is the most grand and remarkable piece of TELEVISION furniture that you can find. The armoire helps to hide the television, with doors that need to be opened whenever you choose to watch tv. These pieces of furniture are statement pieces, making a strong and significant statement about the style of your space.



Cabinets are perfect for those who are looking for the security and hiding homes of the armoire, but at a lower cost. Cabinets may be more affordable, but are still an excellent method to house your tv. Unlike the stand, cabinets feature backs and sides, offering you the security and protection that you require on your plasma TELEVISION financial investment.


Raise systems are ending up being significantly popular as increasingly more people are working to hide their television. This is quickly the ideal furniture for those who have a television in the bed room. You will be able to find lift systems that need you to lift the television yourself, however will also be able to find electronic, remote controlled TV lifts. While these furniture pieces can be the most pricey, they can likewise be the most stylish and contemporary choices readily available.

It is important for you to think about all your plasma TELEVISION furnishings alternatives before making your final decision. Think about the positives and unfavorable of each furniture type. Try to imagine each furniture enter your room, and how your tv would look with that furnishings.

There are more choices for showcasing your furnishings than these four choices. These are simply the four most popular choices for those who wish to flaunt their television with furniture.

Pop Up TV Furniture- Not Mom and Dad’s TV Stand!

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If you do unknown about or have not had the possibility to experience first hand plasma lift cabinets, you are in for a real treat!

It continues to impress me how far technology has actually come. Keep in mind when you were a kid sitting in front of the boob tube (they really had tubes at that time)? The TV was on a little metal stand. The TELEVISION was little and the stand was basically unsightly.

Today we have state of the art “Plasma tvs,” so long, thin and smooth with an image that is awesome! The majority of the Televisions today are set up to watch 2 or more programs at the very same time. Our moms and dads’ TVs only had 2 channels and very few programs. And now we have unbelievable motorized furnishings created to conceal and safeguard your TELEVISION when not in usage.

It is really fashionable to establish an entire space simply for the satisfaction of “home theatre,” with sound systems as great as if you were at the films. And to set those spaces off, we have the most elegantly designed, technically perfect TELEVISION lifts that will charm your senses and turn any room from regular into your personal palace.

An LCD lift not just lends architectural charm to your space however is functional. It is developed to safeguard your screen for several years to come. A TV lift is extremely accommodating permitting you to swivel your TELEVISION 360 degrees with just the push of a button. No longer do you need to bring the celebration to the TV, now you bring the TELEVISION to the celebration. This is also very practical if you have elders who have a difficult time getting around.

In the bedroom play King or Queen for the day, depending on your throne with your remote in your hand, as your lovely plasma TV rises from your superbly built pop up TV furniture that uses status and elegance to your room.

Leave your walls for your pricey paintings and cover your Televisions in elegant plasma lift cabinets that are aesthetically exciting and will provide a dynamic aspect to any space.

When choosing your LCD raise, make sure the unit has a rack-and-pinion mechanism. If done correctly, this system will last you longer than your TELEVISION and will work safely and silently with remote control. Do not go for 2nd finest when selecting a business to acquire your motorized furniture from. Ensure the company has durability and many satisfied customers. Remember you are purchasing a fine furniture piece that will be treasured for generations to come. Ensure the business you select uses the finest Vintage workmanship. Attention to the surface is a need to for durability and richness.

You need to likewise consider the elements you consist of in your TV system. In most Appear TV furnishings there will be a component area that hides the elements from view. And always remember to include infra red repeater innovation which permits you to control the DVD and cable box while the component door is closed!

An excellent LCD lift need to be simple for you established. Plug and play as we prefer to state!